Split Block

At the startup of the block plant in 2001, ATCO Concrete Products entered a new era of block production. With our expanded capability we are able to produce other products such as lintel-block (ring-block), pavers, split-block and others still to come. With the ever increasing cost of materials and the fantasy of an architect in mind, ATCO Concrete Products introduced the first split block to the island of Aruba. Split blocks gives the architects a whole new product to play with and the designs they develop a whole new look. Our block plant has the capability to match different colors so the designers are not stuck to a limited color pallet. Even though the split block is more expensive at purchase compared to the regular masonry units, there are enough cost savings to justify their use. For instance plastering and painting is eliminated for 50% immediately of the top forever because the block is colored and the split face of the block is already finished.

The split block is gaining on its market share on the island and its popularity in the U.S. and Europe gives us much confidence it will continue to grow. A good example is the fact that we have exported split block to the island of Curacao and expect more customers in the near future.

Block TypeL in cm W in cm H in cm Unit / palletColors Available
Split-block Hollow 6” 401419.3108Natural, Gray, Melon-Flashed, Yellow, Red, Charcoal, Black

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