4 in 1 Square


4 IN 1 SQUARE A unique paver with a sophisticated look. With its four sizes, it offers the flexibility for many design options. SPECIFICATION Paver Type:4 in 1 Square Height:6cm m2 per pallet:11.9 Pieces per pallet:270 COLORS AVAILABLE Solid Colors: Black, Gray, Yellow, Red, Natural Mixed Colors: Marble, Flamed (mix of red, black, [...]

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Sand & Stones


AGGREGATES As a leader in concrete, block and paver production, Atco Concrete Products N.V imports all of its raw materials for the production of concrete, pavers and masonry products. Focusing on the highest standards of quality, continuity and consistency, Atco refrains from quarrying materials on the island in order to support Aruba’s unique [...]

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Ready-Mix Concrete


Ready-Mix Concrete A fully automated batch plant with a capacity of approximately 96 m3 per hour is open daily from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM non-stop from Monday to Friday to service all clients during normal working hours. We are however, flexible in working hours and are often enough requested for special projects [...]

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Street Tiles


STREET TILES Create a smart, neat look with street tiles. An easy to handle paving range suitable for patios, outdoor entertainment areas, pathways and also to be used as stepping stones. SPECIFICATION Paver Type:Street Tiles / Trottoir Tegels Height:5cm m2 per pallet:9.7 Pieces per pallet:108 COLORS AVAILABLE Solid Colors: Black, Gray, Yellow, Red Mixed [...]

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KLINKERS Klinkers can be installed in standard or random patterns with multi-colored blends or a single color. Whether simple or complex, the design possibilities are endless. Every pattern provides a different look. SPECIFICATION Paver Type:Klinkers Height:6cm, 8cm, 10cm m2 per pallet:10.9 Pieces per pallet:510/80 Paver Type:Klinkers Height:10cm-6Layer m2 per pallet:5.34 Pieces per pallet:270  [...]




UNIDECOR Think outside the square! Put glamour in your next project with Unidecor. This refreshing shape will bring out the best on any application. SPECIFICATION Paver Type:Unidecor Height:6cm m2 per pallet:11.8 Pieces per pallet:450 COLORS AVAILABLE Solid Colors: Black, Gray, Yellow, Red Mixed Colors: Flamed (mix of red, black, yellow), Melon-flashed (mix of [...]


Round Triangle


ROUND TRIANGLE A graceful complement for any paving project. This classic shape brings out the beauty of its surroundings and enhances any facade SPECIFICATION Paver Type:Round Triangle Height:6cm m2 per pallet:10.9 Pieces per pallet:360 COLORS AVAILABLE Solid Colors: Black, Gray, Yellow, Red, Natural Mixed Colors: Flamed (mix of red, black, yellow), Melon-flashed (mix [...]

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Ring Block


RING BLOCK (LINTEL-BLOCK) The ring-block, known in the U.S. as the lintel-block was first introduced in 2002. Before ATCO could market this product, however, we had to acquire permission at the Aruban Public Works due to the fact that a bond beam is a calculated structural part of a construction. As it has been custom [...]

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Split Block


SPLITBLOCK At the startup of the block plant in 2001, ATCO Concrete Products entered a new era of block production. With our expanded capability we are able to produce other products such as lintel-block (ring-block), pavers, split-block and others still to come. With the ever increasing cost of materials and the fantasy of an architect [...]

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EDGER An edger enables a user to create a clear separation between the lawn and the walkway. It helps to impart a finished appearance that is neater. Concrete edgers by Atco Concrete Products are available in two sizes: Block Type L in cm W in cm H in cm Layer / pallet Colors Available [...]