Ring Block


RING BLOCK (LINTEL-BLOCK) The ring-block, known in the U.S. as the lintel-block was first introduced in 2002. Before ATCO could market this product, however, we had to acquire permission at the Aruban Public Works due to the fact that a bond beam is a calculated structural part of a construction. As it has been custom [...]

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Split Block


SPLITBLOCK At the startup of the block plant in 2001, ATCO Concrete Products entered a new era of block production. With our expanded capability we are able to produce other products such as lintel-block (ring-block), pavers, split-block and others still to come. With the ever increasing cost of materials and the fantasy of an architect [...]

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EDGER An edger enables a user to create a clear separation between the lawn and the walkway. It helps to impart a finished appearance that is neater. Concrete edgers by Atco Concrete Products are available in two sizes: Block Type L in cm W in cm H in cm Layer / pallet Colors Available [...]


Masonry Units


MASONRY UNITS As is the case with ATCO Super mix, we use imported quality lime-stone aggregates exclusively for block production. Mix designs for the production of blocks have been extensively tested and improved during the years in order to reach a perfect balance between strength of the block and the ability to plaster finish [...]

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Block Column


BLOCK COLUMN Block Columns are ideal for fencing. This type of block gives you many benefits. You save time, because after using this block, your fence is complete with its column and it can be plastered the next day. You save money, because you will not need to pay form rental fees, you do [...]

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