Ready-Mix Concrete

A fully automated batch plant with a capacity of approximately 96 m3 per hour is open daily from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM non-stop from Monday to Friday to service all clients during normal working hours. We are however, flexible in working hours and are often enough requested for special projects to work outside our normal working hours, on weekends and holidays. For home- and other building projects we have standard mix designs available recommended by the architects and required by Public Works for use in the different stages or parts of the construction. These mix designs are labeled in the European quality standard (NEN) and are as follows:

  • B-15 Chips: mostly used for decorative floors and other low load bearing construction.
  • B-20 (approx.3000 psi): mostly used in bond beams, columns and foundations.
  • B-25 (approx.4000 psi): mostly used in second floor, ring beams, roads, parking spaces and columns.
  • B-30 / B-35 and up (5000 to 6000 psi): used for high strength concrete types.

We have many other mix designs that have been developed for special purposes or require higher strengths for specific needs. Some of these products are as follows:

  • Pump mixes
  • Shoot Crete
  • Blast Furnace cement concrete
  • High strength grouts.

All ATCO’s concrete products are made with imported aggregates. The main reason for import is quality assurance, consistency and adequate supply and decreasing the pressure on Aruba’s environment deriving from excavation. Our cement is also imported and comes either from Colombia for regular cement or from The Netherlands, for blast furnace cement.

Quality Control

QualityLifesavings and large investments go into construction of homes, offices and other construction projects and it is of utmost importance for the customer to be assured of the quality that first of all is required, but certainly also what is paid for, to ensure long lasting homes and buildings.

Quality-2Daily quality control is one of the most important facets of ready mix production. Qualified Q/C and Q/A personnel constantly sample and test concrete for in-house control, but also for customers when required and requested. Each different mix design used on any particular day is sampled and tested each day to ensure quality consistency and up to date monitoring. Test data is filled and kept to be able to show the strength history of different mix designs. More detailed information such as standard deviation is easily calculated and compared to international standards.