The ring-block, known in the U.S. as the lintel-block was first introduced in 2002. Before ATCO could market this product, however, we had to acquire permission at the Aruban Public Works due to the fact that a bond beam is a calculated structural part of a construction. As it has been custom for many years to place forms and pour concrete to form a bend beam. It was not the easiest task to convince the locals to do otherwise. However, persistence and confidence in the product demonstrated its value. By using ring-blocks as a replacement of forms you could save approximately 40% of the cost of a completed bond beam as well as saving a few days time.


Savings include:

  • No form rental fees
  • No need to place forms
  • No need to de-nail forms
  • 1/3 the amount of concrete is needed
  • No bonding agent before plastering
  • Construction on top of the beam can immediately continue the day after pouring the beam.
Block Type L in cm W in cm H in cm Unit / pallet
Ring-block 6” 40 15.2 19.3 144
Ring-block 8” 40 20.3 19.3 108