As a leader in concrete, block and paver production, Atco Concrete Products N.V imports all of its raw materials for the production of concrete, pavers and masonry products. Focusing on the highest standards of quality, continuity and consistency, Atco refrains from quarrying materials on the island in order to support Aruba’s unique landscape with all its Flora and Fauna.

Imported Aggregates available:

  • Lime Chips
  • Lime Stones
  • Lime Sand
  • Plastering Sand

Since 2014, Atco Concrete Products also offers Washed Aggregates. Atco Concrete Products Washing Plant enables us to reprocess construction and demolition waste such as stone, concrete, bricks into high quality, commercially viable washed sand and stones. This technology not only avoids the need for excavation of the surrounding environment but also enables us to save on the costs of importing materials from neighboring countries, allowing us to remain competitive by passing on the cost saving to the end user.

Washed Aggregates Available:

  • Wash Chips
  • Wash Stones
  • Wash Sand