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Atco Concrete Products N.V. set to maximize efficiencies with a Waste Recycling Plant.

ATCO Concrete Products has taken ownership of a turnkey C&D Waste Recycling plant from CDE Global to process construction and demolition waste for use in concrete production. The ever-increasing demand for construction materials on the island of Aruba led to a dramatic increase in production and thus ATCO had to become more efficient than ever. ATCO took the opportunity to set up a ready mix facility on the island in order to meet the demand for new hotels following an increasing focus on tourism. This facility has since grown to be the largest ready mix facility in Aruba, supplying a large proportion of the market.

The addition of the washing plant from CDE paves the way for future growth and increased efficiencies with the production of 2no. Washed recycled aggregates (5-10mm, 10-20mm) and also 1no. Washed recycled sand at -5mm.

Previously, ATCO’s concrete products were manufactured using imported aggregates to ultimately avoid the need for excavation from Aruba’s environment. The investment in the CDE plant enables ATCO to recycle construction and demolition waste such as stone, concrete and bricks into high quality, commercially viable washed sand and aggregates. The advantages of this process are essentially two-fold. This technology not only avoids the need for excavation of the surrounding environment but also enables ATCO to save on the costs of importing materials from neighboring countries, allowing them remain competitive by passing on the cost savings to the end user

With the remote location of the ATCO site, on-going support was a key issue for consideration at the outset of the project. The CDE Project Management process ‘ProMan’, proved vital in this instance and allowed ATCO to be closely involved from the initial design stage, through to manufacturing, logistics, installation, commissioning and beyond. Atco Concrete Products ultimate aim is to produce the highest quality products possible and to provide a first class service to our customers. The Preventative Maintenance Inspections from CDE will allow us to maintain our position as Aruba’s number one provider for blocks, pavers, sand, stones and concrete by producing the maximum level of processed material to an exceptionally high quality. SGS_ISO 14001_LOGO